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General Terms & Conditions


  1. Neither NEC or ESNZ nor any representative of same, accepts any responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or illness to any horse/pony/rider/spectator, land, vehicle or personal property-whether caused by their negligence or breach of contract in any way whatsoever.
  2. NEC shall not be liable for the safety/security of any goods or equipment or the loss of damage of same; brought in or stored at the venue.
  3. Damage to NEC facilities is to be reported immediately to management.
  4. All paddocks, pens, yards and stables to be left clean.  Muck bins, barrows and shovels are provided by NEC for this purpose.
  5. During Events all horses must be yarded.   No horses are to be tied to trucks.
  6. Landcorp is out-of-bounds at all times except where it is part of an event.  No dogs on Landcorp at any time.
  7. Protective head gear is to be worn at all times when mounted.
  8. Anyone schooling over jumps must be accompanied by a second person.
  9. The main arena - grass - is not available for schooling groups.
  10. Trucks/Campers using powered sites must have a valid Electrical Certificate.  No piggy-backing between vehicles.
  11. It is the responsibility of all event organisers to make their attendees familiar with the NEC Terms and Conditions.
  12. It is the event organiser's responsibility to ensure that participants at the event are charged the appropriate NEC camping, yarding and facility fees.    These fees are to be passed on to the NEC.
  13. Kitchens, hall and offices are expected to be left in the condition in which they were at the start of the hire.  Extra cleaning will be charged for.
  14. Management must be contacted to arrange suitable times for set up and pack down of arenas etc.
  15. Booking requests will be confirmed via email
  16. Venue Charges Form must be completed and forwarded with event payments.
  17. Casual use of the PortaCabins and Indoor surface must by paid for in advance.