About Fiber Fresh

Fiber Fresh Feeds Limited is a world leading producer of advanced fibre nutrition for horses and calves.

The company was established in 1985 by owner Michael Bell whose family has been involved in agricultural production for almost 40 years. Having been instrumental in pioneering research and development into the steam extraction of lucerne leaf protein concentrate (LPC) Michael recognised the extraordinary characteristics of the lucerne plant and, in particular, its value as a forage feed for mono-gastric animals.

Since that time the company has dedicated itself to developing a process to harvest moist fresh lucerne, and techniques to preserve and store harvested lucerne crop for maximum retention of its nutritional value.

The subsequent development of the unique and proprietary process of Controlled Fermentation has enabled Fiber Fresh Feeds to produce a high energy moist lucerne (alfalfa) forage feed that has since been trialed and registered as HNF FiberĀ®.

Today, Fiber Fresh Feeds specialises in producing highly digestible advanced fibre feeds which have been specifically developed to suit the mono-gastric digestion of the equine and the under-developed rumen of the juvenile ruminant. These advanced feeds are proven scientifically to aid in optimising digestion, health and performance in horses, and improving growth efficiency and rumen preparation in calves.

The company initially traded as The Great Hage Company then changed its name in 2007 to Fiber Fresh Feeds Limited to better describe the nature of its business. The farming properties and administration headquarters are located in the heart of New Zealand's North Island on the Central Plateau, in a pristine and productive farming area midway between two of New Zealand's most popular tourist destinations - Rotorua and Taupo. The free draining soils and natural rainfall of this area is ideally suited for producing the highest quality lucerne (alfalfa).

The company currently employs around 40 staff and exports to a growing number of countries, including the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

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